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App Store

The Steer App Store provides developers with a platform to create, publish, and monetize DeFi apps.

Whether building onto native apps or creating your own, Steer gives you the power to do anything from automating protocols and building yield-generating apps to performing recurring tasks like reward distribution, airdrops and more. Even complex apps like orcales, trading apps, etc.

All yield-generating apps are thoroughly tested by Steer's backtesting tool-set to make sure that all apps produce proper yield to cover the gas required for execution, as well as the assurance of proper execution. Once tested, the apps are then registered on the Steer App Store for use.

In return, the creator gets a fixed percentage of the profits. Steer also offers an open data connector marketplace for developers who possess the ability to build their own data connectors and integrate them with the Steer Protocol.

Why do we need a App Store?

Current yield-generating platforms and keeper networks only allow core team members to publish apps or strategies due to the restrictive nature of their infrastructures and manual approval processes.

Additionally, most keeper networks do not allow for dynamic data and instead rely on static parameters which never change. On the other hand, Steer supports fully dynamic inputs and provides the flexibility to write and publish apps on top of these inputs - no solidity knowledge is necessary.

For yield generating side, there is a natural alignment between users, who want their liquidity put to good use, and app creators, who may have good yield-generating apps, but lack the liquidity to fully take advantage of them. The Steer App Store provides an easy interface for app creators to create apps and demonstrate their performance over time. Through it, quants finally have a venue to build and monetize their apps.

How to access App Store?

The App Store is accessible via the Steer Dapp and Steer Node (Desktop only at launch).

  1. Steer Dapp

    • With Steer Dapp anyone can publish and reuse any app.
    • For yield-generating apps - Liquidity providers can look into the App's performance to deposit and withdraw as per thier risk preference and desired yield.
    • Offer the ability to stake Steer tokens or LP rewards to earn more yield. Learn more about staking.
  2. Steer Node

    • Steer Node App is a desktop app (Mac, Windows, Linux) that provides the following functionality:
      1. Dashboard for a summarized view of the network.
      2. Full view of Apps with all the relevant actions/analytics.
      3. Detailed view of what is happening under the hood of any given app execution (Epoch data)
      4. Consensus data for a certain epoch of an app.
      5. Overall network system details and more.
    • The Steer Node connects directly to the Steer Network. Steer nodes have the ability to connect/share data with the other nodes on the network, execute actions on the Steer network, and form consensus. Read about Nodes on Network.
    • The Steer Node is mostly for members who want to mine Steer tokens by processing jobs on the Steer network. Read about rewards.
    • Lastly, all Nodes must bond a specific amount of Steer tokens to ensure that the system isn’t prone to sybil attacks. Read about bonding.

Apply to the alpha program to become a steer node runner.