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Ecological Reward Modal

Our ecological reward model contains three types of rewards:

  1. Development Enhancement and Bug Bounty Rewards - Each successfully Merged PR bug reported (with a solution) is rewarded but assessed individually and may differ from the general rule.

  2. Engagement Rewards - Things like providing help in technical support on Discord to other community members, or converting documents to different languages, are rewarded. However, the total Engagement Monthly Reward amount is capped and recompenses the community members with the most helpful contributions.

  3. Remarkable Rewards - Any event by a community that led to remarkable progress or positive impact on the project, eg. Running our node for the testnet for a duration and subsequent providing of feedback, acting as a QA, or significantly increasing the size of the community through an event held by the community.

  4. Further information can be found here:


This is subject to change. Follow us on discord to stay updated.