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Steer Protocol

Steer is a decentralized computing protocol built with the goal of addressing the challenges of infrastructure and data in building, securing and deploying decentralized web3 backends.

With Steer anyone can -

  1. Write cross-chain apps using 20+ programming languages using Steer app engines,
  2. Connect them to secured data sources off-chain or on-chain using the Steer data marketplace,
  3. Execute on any blockchain using Steer infrastructure.

Whether building onto native apps or creating your own, Steer gives you the power to do anything, some of which are -

  1. Automated Liquidity Management,
  2. Automating Loan Payments,
  3. Asset Management,
  4. Automated Governance,
  5. Automating Cross Chain Actions,
  6. Automating Trading Strategies,
  7. Automating Protocol Operational Task like reward distribution, airdrops and more,
  8. Building Oracles in just a few minutes, and more.

Key Features

  1. Steer eliminates the need for centralized infrastructure setup, giving everyone a democratized access to create apps, app engines, and data connectors and monetize them.
  2. Steer specializes in off-chain computing, complex & dynamic operations, and data processing apps.
  3. Steer allows up to 10 data integration inside an app through its data marketplace.
  4. Steer is a truly multi-chain protocol that is 100% decentralized and no downtime.
  5. Steer offers the most flexible and reactive billing routers based on different app engines, making it the one stop and cheapest solution for all your web3 backend needs.

To showcase the power of Steer Protocol, the Steer team has built out a few app engines, one of which is Multi-chain Most Advance Automated Liquidity Management app engine built for the next generation of automated market makers like Uniswap v3, Trident, etc.


Our goal is to assist developers and protocols to quickly and securely build decentralized web3 backends of any scale on any chain.